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About Prof. Em. Dr. Geert Hofstede, MSc, PhD


Listed in the  Wall Street Journal  among the  Top 20  most influential business thinkers.

  • 1965 Founded and managed the Personnel Research Department of IBM Europe.

  • 1980 Co-founder and first Director, IRIC (Institute for Research on Intercultural Cooperation), the Netherlands.

  • Pioneering study of cultures across modern nations.

  • His ideas are taught at major universities and business schools world wide.

  • Holds 10 Honorary Doctorates in ten different countries.

  • On going research based on his groundbreaking work.

The English version of his book “Cultures and organizations software of the mind” sold so far over half a million copies and has been translated into 21 languages



Solid Empirical Scholarly research.


NOT based on:

  • One single person's charisma, story-telling skills, or fluency in writing.

  • People with big egos.


Founded in empirical research with consultants who:

  • Are inquisitive, bridge the cultural gap.

  • Have broad experience, didactical skills, conceptual thinking.

  • Deploy their skills and knowledge to serve their clients.

  • Generous practitioners able to transfer their known-how on to youngsters.

Integrating Science in Practice

  • Rigorous Split between the academic and the practitioners who apply it.

  • Fruitful interchange between science and practice.

  • No compromise to a quick gain, but for long term sustainability.

Is there a life after Geert Hofstede?

Requests from PhD candidates and Masters students

Some fields of research:

  • Regional Cultures in Iran

  • Palestinian culture and changes after decades of crisis

  • Children's cultural values

  • Politics

  • UAI and social capital

  • Executive Coaching in high PDI cultures

Researchers contact Geert Hofstede BV from:

Singapore, India, Bulgaria, Scotland, Japan, the Netherlands, USA, Brazil, Iran, Italy, Israel/Palestine, Poland, England, Germany, Mexico, Perú, Switzerland.

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