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Optimism and Psychosomatic Symptoms, constructs incorporated into the model of Psychological Resignation.

Abstract: To confirm the modified model that proposes that Optimism is the antecedent of Psychological Resignation, and Emotional Well-being and Psychosomatic Symptoms are consequences of Psychological Resignation. Methods: A standardized questionnaire was administered in September 2021 to a sample of 167 full-time employees working in a multinational food organization operating in the Mexican Republic. Results: Structural equation modeling confirms the trajectory Optimism > Psychological Resignation > Emotional Well-Being and Psychosomatic Symptoms. Conclusions: Optimists avoid Psychological Renunciation and manifest a higher level of Well-being and a lower level of Psychosomatic Symptoms.

Reliability and validity of the 5 categories and 72 items NOM-035 survey. 

The objective is to evaluate the reliability and validity of the 5 categories and 72-item NOM-035 survey, published on October 23, 2018. Method: The questionnaire was applied to a sample of 1,247 full-time workers who work for a company that offers coffee and food in Mexico, in September and October 2019. The Results confirm that the 5 Categories comply with a minimum Cronbach's Alpha of .70, but do not meet the construct validity criteria derived from an Exploratory Factor Analysis and a Confirmatory Factor Analysis, in accordance with the requirements of numeral 7.5 of NOM-035, which must be observed by the work centers that decide to apply their own questionnaire. Limitation: This is a study that requires replication in order to confirm the results. Originality; In the literature it would be the second study that evaluates the reliability and validity of the survey. Findings: consequently, it is recommended to review the theoretical conceptualization of the Psychosocial Factors involved and the design of the questionnaire. 

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